Companies need new energy technologies to arm themselves for the future.

The cost of energy continues to rise. That has a direct impact on the competitiveness of our businesses. Many large companies and public authorities have therefore already made the move towards greater energy efficiency. SMEs have also put energy saving on the agenda. But for them, the implementation of energy saving measures can be a complex process. There is a lot of research, engineering, installation and follow-up work involved. Also getting the financing up to speed requires a lot of effort and expertise.

Energy efficiency is a pending issue in many organisations.

We find that many companies postpone energy saving measures because they want to retain the capital for their core business. And rightly so. That’s why more and more companies opt for an external energy manager. External power management or so-called third party financing is a possible solution to implement the desired measures without having to invest.

How does external energy management work?

After a thorough energy scan, the measures that will achieve significant energy savings for your company are listed and described. This study also provides detailed advice on the technical feasibility and financial viability of the project. Subsequently, the external energy manager finances the project and implements the energy saving measures. Afterwards, the external energy manager makes the installation availble for the SME, for a fixed annual fee, that achieves guaranteed savings. In principle, this process can be gone through for every measure, so as to achieve maximum energy efficiency at the company’s site.

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Together, we bring energy in your company!

With over five years of experience in the construction and financing of energy installations, Upgrade Energy is an experienced partner for external energy management. Does your company have a significant energy consumption and do you see potential in a partnership? Then fill in the above contact form. Our consultants are happy to visit you to look at the situation and to work on a possible roadmap, specific to your company.

Curious which companies have already taken the plunge?

Capsugel, producer of drug capsules, from Bornem

As a global player in its segment, Capsugel is always looking for improvements and increased efficiency. Efficient use of energy also fits into the overall strategy of the company. Upgrade Energy went through with Capsugel’s full energy efficiency program.

Gramybel, potato processing company from Mouscron

What do you do when your energy costs amounts to 30 or 35% of your total costs? What do you do when this cost is hardly or not at all manageable, because of rising distribution costs? Upgrade Energy developed a customized solution for Gramybel.