A CHP installation for Gramybel

Client – Gramybel
Address – Boulevard de l’Eurozone, 1 Mouscron 7700, Belgium
Business Branch – Production Company
Technology – CHP + Solar energy

Electrical power output – 889 kWe
Thermal power output
– 918 kWth
Fuel input
– 2076 kW
Gas consumption
– 219 m³/h
Electrical efficiency
– 42,8 %
Thermal efficiency
– 44,2 %
Period Operational – April 2015

Capacity – 1 MWp
Period Operational – 2014


”  Upgrade Energy thrived in delivering us an integrated approach for a combination of 2 technologies – PV panels and cogeneration (CHP). They showed creative thinking and had a very flexible and motivated team. Now 75% of our energy needs are produced on site, and our previously ‘waste materials’ (whose handling and disposal was costly) are now useful and profitable!  “

Bruno LefevrePlant and Project Manager at Gramybel

Gramybel, masters in potato processing

Gramybel has been established in 2002 for the production of potato granules and potato flakes for the snack and food service industry. They produce a wide assortment of specialities and also ready mixes of granules and flakes with several ingredients. Gramybel production system processes the basic ingredient, the potato, into a tasty end product, with the potato being utilized optimally in doing so.

About the project

What do you do when your energy costs amounts to 30 or 35% of your total costs? What do you do when this cost is hardly or not at all manageable, because of rising distribution costs? Upgrade Energy developed a customized solution for Gramybel: a combination of a CHP system, and a solar panel installation.

What is CHP?

Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat. This system’s engine can run on either natural gas or biogas.

CHP system installed:

In this case, the CHP engine runs on a hybrid fuel. This hybrid fuel is mainly made up of natural gas, but it also includes biogas (up to 15%), which is produced locally. The biogas is made from the organic waste from Gramybel’s production process (mainly potato peels) which undergoes anaerobic digestion.

The CHP installation then generates 889 kW of electricity, which is used for the overall functioning of their production plant. At the same time, it releases 918 kW of heat and is used for drying purposes in their production processes.

Solar panels transform sunlight into usable electricity using photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert the sun’s radiation energy into DC (direct current) electricity. The DC current is then transformed into useful AC (alternating current) electricity by inverters. This can then be used locally and fed into the main electricity supply of a building or it can be put into the power grid.

A solar panel ground installation

The photovoltaic panels have been mounted on the ground, in a field right next to the Gramybel production plant, and generate 1 MWp of electricity. This proximity allows there to be no transmission or distribution losses. The electricity produced is also injected into the plant building’s main electricity supply for their own use.

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