What is bioenergy?

bioenergyBioenergy can be generated through combustion, digestion or gasification of biomass. The term biomass covers all kinds of organic waste such as wood, food, sewage sludge from water treatment plants,  household organic waste, industrial oils and greases, manure from farms, etc. In addition, certain crops like coleseed and palm trees are grown as energy crops. The biggest part of the energy is transformed into electricity. There are different kinds of procedures to generate sustainable energy from biomass.

Applications of bioenergy

Combustion of biomass is the most common method by which biomass can be used for energy. Combustion of biomass happens in waste incineration plants. Read more.

Sustainable electricity and heat are generated through the anaerobic digestion of biomass which creates biogas. This biogas can then be used to fuel a CHP engine. Read more.

High quality biomass with high energy density, such as wood and wood chips, can be converted into syngas (synthesis gas) by reacting them at high temperatures. After purification the syngas can be used as fuel. Read more

Why bioenergy?


Investing in biomass is safe and reliable. Biomass energy is considered one of the most cost effective sustainable energy technologies, provided that the crops were grown in a sustainable way.

The conversion of biomass into energy is a proven technology. A well-managed installation will produce a constant and predictable flow of electricity and/or heat, adapting the output of the system to the demand of the end user.

Upgrade Energy brings bioenergy to your company

Upgrade Energy seizes the opportunities of bioenergy. We offer project-based solutions for electricity producers, agricultural companies and government institutions. We not only take care of the engineering and construction, but also operate and maintain bioenergy projects. Close monitoring of the biomass streams is a key factor for success.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities for your company, feel free to contact us.