Combustion of biomass

What is biomass combustion used for?

biomass combustionDirect biomass combustion is the most common way to convert biomass into energy. Billions of people globally depend on biomass combustion for their daily energy supply. On a larger scale, industries incinerate biomass for the production of process heat, steam and/or electricity (paper and pulp industry, wood and sugar industries), biomass has also become more important for energy companies.

Wood is the perfect fuel

biomass combustion

Wood pellets and wood chips are an excellent fuel. Wood is carbon lean, burning wood releases carbon dioxide but this is balanced by the carbon dioxide absorbed by the original trees (and in the growth of new ones).

Wood chips are as suitable as logs, they have the same calorific value, pellets and briquettes have a slightly higher calorific value because of their higher density and artificial drying.

Combustion in combination with CHP

The heat that is the result of direct combustion of biomass is generally used for the heating of buildings or (re)injected into production processes.

By fuelling a combined heat and power (CHP) system, biomass can be used to efficiently produce both heat and power. The heat that’s generated through the combustion of biomass converts water into steam by heating it up, which then drives a turbine, and through an alternator, electricity is generated.

In conventional electricity production methods, the heat is discarded as waste heat, but in CHP systems, this thermal energy is put to use.


  • Usage of organic waste as renewable, sustainable and CO2-neutral fuel
  • Saving through own (cheaper) energy generation
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of biological waste
  • Quality fertiliser by-product
  • Independence of weather conditions (unlike solar and wind energy)
  • More independence of the volatile energy market

Our expertise

Upgrade Energy offers biomass energy solutions to companies, utility companies, the agricultural sector and government institutions. Our multidisciplinary team offers engineering and construction as well as operation and maintenance of the entire installation.

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