Waste Heat Recovery

Opportunities of industrial waste heat recovery

Waste heat recovery is a concept that is very often omitted, to the disadvantage of many companies.waste heat recovery

Worldwide, huge amounts of industrial waste heat are lost. What’s worse is that often, additional energy is needed to get rid of this waste heat, through cooling water, cooling towers or air coolers. However, efficient solutions to recover this waste heat and transform it into electricity are available. Waste heat recovery can be used for pre-heating of processes, as energy source for cooling or for electricity generation.

More and more companies understand the value of waste heat and its potential to realise savings and reduce the carbon footprint.

Upgrade Energy offers two applications:

This technique is mainly used to extract additional energy from the hot exhaust gases from a gas turbine or gas so that the efficiency of the system as a whole is greatly increased. Read more

This is a cooling method that uses a heat source to provide energy for cooling systems. An interesting technique for companies wishing to extract more energy from waste heat from turbines or industrial processes. Read More

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