Waste to energy

What is waste to energy?

waste to energyWaste to energy is the production of energy resulting from the combustion of waste. It is a clean and economically viable solution for the disposal of landfill waste and the generation of renewable energy. The produced electricity is then consumed by the same community which generates the waste.

How does it work?

First the municipal waste is burnt in a furnace. The heat from this furnace is used for steam generation and drives a steam turbine. The steam turbine is coupled to a generator, which then produces electricity. All exhaust gasses are cleaned before they are emitted into the atmosphere, and the ash generated by the furnace is collected and disposed of.

Why waste to energy?

Currently, a lot of municipal waste is dumped in landfills, because there is no application for the waste. But these landfills cause a huge amount of problems:

Surface emissions

Landfills release a large amount of landfill gases (LFG) which is made up of components that are highly harmful to public health and the environment. They contain carbon dioxide and methane which are greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. They also contain volatile organic compounds which contribute to ground level ozone formation (smog); this in turn reduces and damages vegetation growth. Exposure to these and hazardous air pollutants (also found in LFG) causes respiratory problems, lung cancer, and central nervous system damage.

Subsurface migration

LFG’s can move underground to other areas within or outside landfill property. Since it is made up of 50% methane, this causes fires and explosions on both landfill and private property.

waste to energySpace

Space taken by landfills cannot be used for other economical, recreational or other activities.


LFGs release strong, pungent odours that are transmitted to nearby communities.


  • Recovery of energy from waste instead of buying energy
  • Own electricity generation à more independence
  • Clean disposal of waste
  • Addressing climate mitigation and other environmental goals in a cost-effective way
  • Sustainable development

Upgrade Energy brings waste to energy to your company

Upgrade Energy designs, maintains and installs waste to energy plants from 200 kW to 20 MW for government institutions, companies, and local communities.
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