Wind Energy

What is wind energy?

wind energyWind energy is a technology that converts kinetic energy into forms of energy that are more practically useful, such as electricity. Since ancient times, people have harnessed the wind’s energy, in windmills for example to grind wheat and other grains. Advances in technology have transformed windmills into powerful wind turbines today, making a significant contribution to our energy supply.

Wind Turbines

Wind tubines are generally devided into three categories, depending on the size:

  • Small: up to 100kW with a heigt of about 15-20 metres
  • Medium: 100kW to 1MW with a height between 30 to 70 metres
  • Large: 1MW and higher

The height of the towers depends on the location of the wind turbines and the permits required. Most wind turbines are horizontal axis wind turbines, but vertical axis wind turbines are becoming more widespread.

Upgrade Energy’s focus are the medium size wind turbines, the main idea is to use the wind energy locally, to create a direct supply to the consumer.

Why wind energy?

Medium size wind energy systems are ideal when the electricity that’s generated has consumption levels that are high enough, and when it is used locally, meaning the energy is consumed in the place that it was produced.

Depending on the wind resources in a specific location, the local electricity prices and the available government incentives, an interesting return on your investment is very realistic. Wind energy is a proven technology, and provided the wind turbines – that have a life span of more than 20 years – are installed in a suitable location, wind energy makes perfect sense from an investment perspective as well.

Upgrade Energy brings wind energy to your company

Upgrade Energy has everything it takes to deliver turnkey wind projects. We provide feasibility studies and we are experienced in licensing, construction and maintenance. In cooperation with a Belgian university, Upgrade Energy also takes care of the shadow flicker analysis, noise and environmental impact studies and assesses the availability of wind at the specific location. By proactively communicating with local authorities, we guarantee the shortest possible lead times.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your business? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.